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Jake’s Journal – My New Adventure



When Jake was a five-month-old puppy, his owners found that they could no longer care for him anymore. He was brought in to Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home and handed over to our staff, who took him to his new cosy kennel pen and gave him a good meal.

Wendy, our kennel manager, saw potential in Jake and got in touch with someone she thought might want to meet him. After only 9 days in our care, Jake was picked up by his new family. But this time, it wasn’t your typical ‘family’…

I was really scared when I first arrived at Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home. I wasn’t sure why I was here, and the building was much bigger than anywhere I had been before. I quickly felt much better when I got a warm welcome from the lovely people who work at the Home.

They took me into a big kennel pen with lots of squeaky toys and a big soft bed. “I could get used to this”, I thought!

Then, when Wendy told me that the Police were coming to see me, I thought UH-OH, they’ve got me – I was trying to lay low in these kennels!

Luckily, it turns out it was the Police Dog Section… phew!

A big, scary bald man in a black uniform appeared. I looked at him… he looked at me… and it turned out that he wasn’t scary at all! His name was Brian and he was a friendly big thing, he got down on the floor and gave me a clap and a cuddle. I weed on his big boots to show him that I was friendly, too.

He then started playing my favourite game, chase the tennis ball. It was great fun – he’d throw the ball, then I’d chase it and take it back to him and he’d throw it again. I could have played all day.

Brian then told Wendy he really liked me and that I had real potential, I don’t know what that is but I’m glad I’ve got it. Brian said that I was going to start training to become an official Police Dog. I liked the idea of being called PD Jake – I was so excited!

Saying goodbye to my friends at the Home
The next day, Brian came back to pick me up and after I said goodbye to all the staff, he put me in a nice new Police van with a comfy blanket and lovely air conditioning. Brian asked if I wanted to drive but I told him I was still a bit young!

After a nice drive, we stopped off in a sunny place called Kinross for a wee break and some more playtime. I borrowed Brian’s sun hat to keep me cool!


I then met another friendly human called Sergeant Fairbairn from the Dundee Dog Section, who seemed really pleased to meet me. I gave him a big hello and he took me for a walk and play – my first road trip was turning out to be super fun!

Soon it was time to head to my new home, so I jumped into Sergeant Fairbairn’s Police Van and we headed north to Dundee.

And so my adventure begins…

Best woofs, Jake

Stay tuned for the next Jake’s Journal, where he tells us all about the start of his official training and life in his new home!

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