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Jake’s Journal – Finding my Work/Nap Balance



After finding himself at our doors earlier this year, Jake was taken home by the Police Dog Unit to start a new adventure. He’s back to give you the latest update on his life since he left Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home and became a trainee police dog.

Meeting the Pup-arazzi

Guess what… I’m famous! Apparently, people have been speaking about me on something called ‘social media’, and a man who writes in a newspaper called the Scottish Sun read about me. He contacted my Dad Rory and wanted to know a little bit more about my story. We then got to go out on a fun trip to take some photographs together. I posed on a straw bale and made sure I looked my best. A couple of days later, this photo was in the newspaper – look at how cool we are!





Finding my Work/Nap Balance

Life as a trainee police dog has some super relaxing moments too. After all, it’s important to rest up so we can get other work done too! My Dad Rory answers e-mails and does important computer things, and I really like to stretch out on the cosy carpet – I like to see it as helping! Sometimes I sleep on my back, so people rub my belly when they see me – teehee!

My Big Brother Bo

I’m so lucky – not only have I got a lovely new human family, but I also have a new brother called Bo!
Bo told me he is a ‘General Purpose Police Dog’ which means he helps our humans out with lots of exciting things. He is very good at finding baddies. He is a bit older and bigger than me and has ‘shown me the ropes’ since he’s so good at being a police dog.

When I jump up really high on to this grooming platform, my Dad brushes me! I love getting brushed and it makes my coat all shiny. My brother Bo enjoys it too and almost falls asleep getting brushed, which is very funny.

Bo is also very fast – look at how speedy I had to be to keep up with him! I had to get to Dad before Bo did, so I could play with the tennis ball.


Call me ‘Explorer Jake’!

As part of my training, my Dad has taken me to explore lots of different places. I visited the Police garage and met the friendly mechanics there. It was noisy and there were a few unusual smells, but I took it all in my stride and made pals with them all in no time!

Dad put me in a car to get used to moving around inside which was funny, because the seats were very bouncy, and I couldn’t sit still. There were lots of smells for me to investigate but I loved it – what a fun adventure!




I’ve also been playing a game where Dad hides a tennis ball and I use my nose to go and find it. Apparently, it is part of my training, but it doesn’t feel like it because I have such a good time. I make my Dad happy when I find the tennis ball – he’s easy to please, isn’t he?!


We’ve been on lots of trips together which is fun because it means I get to spend even more time with my Dad and see how great he is at his job. He has taken me to visit different places to get used to lots of weird noises and situations.

Humans are soooo busy. The streets are very crowded and there are lots of people and noisy traffic which I am getting used to.

One of my favourite trips ended in getting a coffee together – I’m starting to think it’s an easy life being a trainee police dog!

Best woofs, Jake

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