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Home Launches 2019 Christmas Appeal


Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home have launched their 2019 Christmas appeal, reminding everyone that not all pets have a Wonderful Life over the festive season. Without the Home many animals would not make it through the winter.

We are dedicated to giving stray and abandoned dogs and cats a second chance at life. Many are lost, many abandoned and almost all have medical or behavioural needs. But no matter what their condition, the dogs and cats found on Edinburgh’s streets will always find the love and care they need at the Home.

We never turn away a dog or cat in need. However, it costs over £2.7 million a year to keep the gates open to Edinburgh’s homeless pets and as a charity we rely on generous donations from the public to cover their running costs.

On Christmas Day, like every other day, the kennel team will be caring for animals that would otherwise be left out in the cold and we are putting out an appeal to the local community for support with a donation. A gift of £17.74 could buy a month of nutrient rich food for a malnourished dog, £23 would buy a dog bed keeping them warm and safe, £55 would heat our shelter for a day, keeping homeless pets warm, £81.04 funds a whole day of care from our special team.

Ruby’s Story

Ruby was found wandering the streets and brought to the Home by a kind passer-by. She was extremely underweight and suffering from pressure sores on her legs, often a tell-tale sign of lying on a hard surface for prolonged periods. Sure enough, when Ruby was taken out for some exercise, she immediately went to curl up on the cold concrete path. She obviously considered this a place to sleep.

 Her condition reflecting the poor diet she’d been surviving on and the fact that no one had been looking after her properly for a long time. The Home’s staff could tell Ruby was an older dog and had potentially struggled with being mistreated for up to a decade. They put Ruby on antibiotics and she went to sleep that night in a soft, cosy dog bed. Over the next few weeks, a nutritious diet helped her regain her weight and strength.

 In spite of everything she’s been through, Ruby is such a trusting and gentle girl, so we were thrilled when a local lady fell in love with her and decided to take her home.

Wolfie’s Story

On a crisp autumn morning earlier this year, the team opened the gates of the Home as usual only to hear the sound of distressed ‘meows’ coming from a discarded cat trap.

 Abandoned, scared and alone inside was a beautiful male cat. A note on top simply said the cat was called Wolfie and he was a ‘problem’ cat.

 Wolfie was a little nervous at first, but the Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home team soon helped him come out of his shell and show what a playful and loving cat he could be. He quickly learned how to use his charm to get exactly what he wanted.

What’s more after a full health check and being neutered, they noticed that his behaviour and ability to socialise improved greatly, and this made such a difference to how he interacted with the other cats.

It wasn’t long before a member of the public fell for his charms and offered him a quiet, adult only home where he gets all the love and attention he needs.

Wendy Mullen, Kennel Manager at Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home said:

“Life for thousands of dogs and cats, puppies and kittens would be very different if we weren’t here to help them. Homeless dogs like Ruby would be trying to get some protection from the bitter cold. Cats like Wolfie would be seeking shelter from the rain in people’s back yards and gardens. They’d have nowhere to go.

“It’s only because of the generosity of our local community that we can give pets like Ruby and Wolfie the care they need and ultimately the most important gift of all; a new home with loving families who will give them the wonderful lives they truly deserve. So please help us today if you can.

“Your kind gift could help provide food and warmth for another cold and hungry pet brought in off the streets this winter.”

Please give unwanted pets in Edinburgh a Wonderful Life this Christmas.


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