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Freddie’s Success Story

What made you rehome a cat from Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home?

We had been keeping an eye out around the various rehoming centre’s in central Scotland. We found your website helpful and informative, and when we spotted Freddie and made the initial telephone enquiry, staff were very friendly and helpful. As indeed they were when we followed up with a visit, and finally came to bring Freddie home.

Why did you chose Freddie to join your family? 

We initially loved his photo and profile on website. He has lovely colouring and an extremely cheeky wee face! Additionally we were keen to rehome an older cat (Freddie will be 8 yrs this year) as these guys are often overlooked in favour of kittens/youngsters. Freddie seemed to have been in the home for a long time, so we felt he needed a break.

How has Freddie changed since the day you brought him home?

When we first brought Freddie home he was very timid and quite jumpy if you moved suddenly. He was prone to swiping out when he felt threatened and whilst he’d accept a stroke, on his terms, he wouldn’t let you pick him up and didn’t like to sit on your knee. He is now a really confident, content wee lad. Sits on your lap, enjoys being petted and allows you to lift him. He purrs loudly and often, and enjoys being in when it’s wet and out in the garden when the weather is good.

What would you say to someone who is considering rehoming a pet?

Consider all the usual practical stuff about ‘best fit’ to your lifestyle, cost etc, but also, and the main thing we found with Freddie was patience and establishing trust, both ways. Don’t expect too much from them straight away and take time to allow them to get used to you.

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