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In The Dog House 2020

25 September 2020 9:00 am
At the Home and Online.

Do You Have What It Takes To Be Top Dog?

On 25 September 2020, we are looking for business leaders and influencers from across Edinburgh and the Lothians to be locked in a kennel raising funds for Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home. This year, as a result of the pandemic we have made the decision to make this event virtual, meaning you can take part from your own home.

You will be tasked with a single goal – to raise as much money as you can and compete for the crown of ‘Top Dog’. Armed with only a laptop and a mobile phone you’ll need to reach out to your contacts and social media networks to raise as much as you can for the dogs and cats and, ultimately, be released. Throughout the day you will be rewarded when you reach milestones and the individual who raises the most by 1pm will be crowned Top Dog!

Prepurr’ation is Key

When you register for the event, you will be asked to set up your fundraising page.  Please ensure you set up your fundraising through the platform given at the point of sign up. The team are on hand to chat to you should you have any questions about this. All fundraising must be made online through your fundraising page. You are welcome to begin fundraising as soon as your page is set up, this will be taken into consideration when announcing the ‘Top Dog’ of 2020. To show your commitment to this event, we ask that every participant makes the first donation to their fundraising page. The donation must be a comfortable amount for you, but we would suggest somewhere around £50-£100. It has been proven that people who donate to sponsorship pages, often follow the lead from the first donation!

Fur’mat of the Day

08:45   Begin to set up your kennel for the day
09:00   Check in with Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home via social media using this hashtag #InTheDogHouse2020
09:30   A welcome talk from a member of our team and a quick reminder of the rules (Video in your virtual pack)
09:45   Get comfy in your home made kennel
10:00   You’re in your dog house – milestones, lunch, toilet breaks and walkies.*
13:00   Break free from your kennel (provided your friends have funded your freedom!)
13:15   Top Dog Trophy awarded and celebratory drinks (Zoom link)

*Please note you’ll be given a dog or cat profile a week before the event who you’ll be able to tell your network about and help spread the word.

In the Dog House 2020

The Rules
  1. You will be locked in your kennel from 10am-1pm – you will only be allowed to leave the kennel for comfort breaks. If you leave the kennel for any other reason you forfeit the chance to win the Top Dog trophy.
  2. You are allowed your mobile phone and laptop or tablet to aid you in your fundraising mission.
  3. You are welcome to contact your network of potential donors in the lead up to the event and receive donations as soon as your fundraising page is up and running.
  4. As you reach certain financial milestones throughout the day you will receive treats to enrich your kennel experience – the more you raise, the more rewards you will receive.
  5. All money raised until 1pm that day will count towards the Top Dog trophy, although we are always delighted to welcome more donations after the event!

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