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Emily’s Day in the Cattery

Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home’s Cattery Team work hard to ensure that our cats receive the highest standard of care and are kept stimulated throughout the day. The Home’s Marketing Intern, Emily Reid, spent a day in the cattery to find out more. 

I have recently joined Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home as Marketing Intern. I have been learning all about the Home and how they communicate their work, and in order to give me a more in-depth understanding of the running of Home, I was given the chance to spend the morning as a cattery assistant.

Each cat gets time outside of their pen to stretch their paws.

My day started at 8am in the boarding cattery where we got straight to work. The 11 cats in the cattery were all eager to stretch their legs and get some fresh air so our first job was to let them out into their exercise pens which allowed us to get in and clean them out. We had to disinfect everything, including all of the litter trays to make sure everything was spick and span. A few of the cats did try a great escape while I was busy sweeping, so I did spend a while trying to coax a few back into their pens; it was a lot of fun and games really.

The Home matches each cat with the correct diet.

Next up it was feeding time. All of the cats have different diets so the cattery staff must take time to ensure they are all being fed the correct food. A few of the cats were a bit nervous so one-on-one time had to be spent with them to encourage them to eat their food. It was great to see how much time and effort the cattery staff put into looking after the cats in their care, they really do treat them like they are their own.

The Home relies on its cattery kitchen packed with food donations.

We then got a well deserves break which gave me some time to explore and have a look around. I was shown the donation cupboard and it really blew me away how generous people are. The Home wouldn’t be able to do the work they do without the generosity of the public. As you can see our cats won’t be going hungry anytime soon.

My next job was to help out in the re-homing cattery. There were only four cats in the cattery, which is good as it means our team are doing a great job re-homing cats with their forever families. I got the chance to spend some quality time with DJ, KitKat, Cosmo and Daisy and it was great fun finding out about their quirky personalities. I enjoyed lots of play with KitKat as she is such a ball of fun and as you can see she was also very keen for a selfie! I then spent some time with DJ and was told that he enjoys having the radio on to keep him occupied, although the staff have found out that he doesn’t like classical music; I think he seems more of a Radio 1 kind of boy! While I was in the re-homing cattery Kitkat’s new owner came in to visit her. It was great to speak to her and find out how the Home really does provide so much happiness to pets and owners alike. It was a great end to the day as it really summed up why we all do the work we do.

Cosmo is well looked after at Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home.

My day in the cattery showed me how hard the kennel/cattery staff work day in day out to make sure the cats and dogs are cared for. I would definitely encourage everyone to help out EDCH in any way they can as the work that is done here is really amazing.

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