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Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home Launches Virtual Education Workshops

Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home have taken their education programme online. The programme which is aimed at teaching responsible pet ownership, particularly in schools, has been running successfully since 2018, but has been hindered by the restrictions of COVID-19. The Home has now launched a new educational website, featuring three new and engaging workshops for primary school aged children that can be accessed easily and for free both at home and in the classroom. With many parents and carers currently home-schooling, the workshops are an ideal activity to teach children about the needs of their pets.

In addition to the workshops, the website offers participants a virtual tour of the Home to get a behind the scenes look at our important work.

Education Officer Daniel said: “We’ve sorely missed being able to deliver our education programme in its usual format over the past year, but know that these new virtual workshops will be a great substitute until we can begin to visit schools in person once again.

“We’ve taken some of the best parts of our education programme and repackaged it in an exciting way that we’re sure will continue to educate and entertain young minds, while still delivering our core messages of responsible pet ownership.

“While we have designed our workshops with schools in mind, parents and caregivers are of course welcome to take part with their children at home. We’re excited to explore the possibilities of delivering our workshops in this way.”

The workshops are available by visiting edcheducation.org.uk and are free of charge. If your children enjoy the workshops and would like to find out more on how to support the charity, visit edch.org.uk/support.

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