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Crowdfunder To Help Hugo Breathe Better

Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home have launched a crowdfunder to raise vital funds to pay for the surgery of one year old, British Bulldog Hugo.

Hugo has been at the Home since the Summer after his owner’s poor health meant they were unable to continue caring for him. During the routine health checks, we found he was suffering greatly from Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome (BOAS). Due to the flat shape of his face, he is struggling to breathe properly, which means he can’t enjoy a walk or play for any length of time. Hugo can breathe through his nose, but this is very difficult and stressful meaning he is often suffering from a lot of discomfort and can only exercise for short periods which massively decreases his overall quality of life and wellbeing.

Thankfully, there is a surgery that can resolve this issue, which will allow him to feel much more comfortable in his daily routine but this surgery can be costly. The operation, which is expected to cost in excess of £2000 consists of palate surgery with the nostrils being widened allowing more space for air pass air in and out. He’ll be able to breathe much more freely, and it will also prevent him from developing further issues later in life.

Due to the shape of his face, Hugo also suffers with a skin condition called dermatitis. This is because the folds in his skin around his nose are so deep and often get moist which can lead to itchiness and infection. They need cleaned regularly to avoid creating further build-up of bacteria.

Although his dermatitis is easily treatable and can be done at a low cost, BOAS on the other hand is a more complex issue with surgical costs attached. Nevertheless, we are determined that Hugo should have this surgery. We want him to go on to a new home and live his absolute best life – he is such a gorgeous boy and he deserves to be able to run and play without having these breathing issues.

We are asking for your help to make this happen, and give whatever you can to support is in treating Hugo.

Gillian Graham, Legacy and Individual Giving Manager at Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home, said:

“In the absence of statutory funding and no regular government funding, Hugo’s surgery is a big expense for the Home and veterinary costs increase year on year. We are appealing to our generous supporters to give whatever they can and help us cover the cost of his operation and future care whilst at the Home.”

Any additional funds raised as part of the crowdfunding appeal will go towards the many cats and dogs in Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home’s care.

Help Hugo Breathe Better


Help Hugo Breathe Better

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