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Christmas Tips for Pet Owners

As well as edible hazards, Christmas time can bring extra risks to curious cats and dogs. Below we’ve shared a few things to bear in mind to keep these holidays safe and stress-free (for every member of the family, including the fluffy ones)…

Especially if you have young ones around the house, it’s hard to not get wrapped up in all of the excitement. Remember that pets often respond to our body language and running about, eagerly ripping in to gifts, and loud noises will almost certainly prompt a response from a pet. This could include barking, running about rapidly, or even induce an unexpected toilet break!

If you’ll be having a lot of guests over, keep your pet’s interests at heart. Some dogs and cats might find too many people slightly stressful, so be sure to provide them a quiet space away from all of the action.

Gifts and Packaging
Almost every Christmas we come across an article about a well-intentioned family who’ve wrapped a box of chocolates and popped them under the tree, only to wake up and find a very unwell dog and a mess of packaging in its place. Please, be sure to keep edible gifts out of reach.

After all the excitement of opening is over, be sure to have a tidy up. Packaging, wrapping paper, tape and the like might make a fun toy for a few minutes, but if a pet gets to chewing they could easily cause an airway obstruction. Things like batteries should be kept in a safe place, and silica gel packets should be promptly disposed of too.

Ball-shaped ornaments and twinkling lights can make quite the attractive plaything for a pet – bear this in mind when the tree goes up. Consider adding a physical barrier, being strategic with decoration decisions, and keeping a close eye on your pets – certainly right after it goes up.

There’s a lot to fit in over the holidays – food, drink, shopping, gifts, family, friends – but don’t forget to make your pets a priority too!

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