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CEO Roundup: Rising to the Challenges

Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home CEO, Lindsay Fyffe-Jardine, shares her week with us and tells us how she’s looking forward to a different kind of challenge as she joins the world of Twitter (@FyffeLindsay).

Monday 20th April

Another Monday rolls around but this one feels a little less like the norm as I’m getting to head into the office later today to spend some time meeting some of the new cats and dogs who have come to us recently during these troubles, but also those who have been with us for a while and are (for the most part) patiently waiting for their new forever home. Spending the morning on lots of phone calls trying to make decisions for months ahead, without the benefit of a glass ball, I’m pulling on my trusty green jumper and jumping in the car. Hard not to let out a child like ‘weeee’ as I arrive at the Home and get to feel exactly like that-at home! It’s so good to see the team going back and forward with dogs for walks and for baths, bowls being washed and the endless laundry pile never changing. A fab afternoon spent having a furry cuddle in the paddocks and cattery.


Tuesday 21st April

As has become the routine of my Tuesday’s being protected as best they can, I have a day planned with my daughter. However, she has other plans and actually just wants to play by herself. Clearly mummy trying to muscle in on her play routine, just because I have more time today, doesn’t go down well. Eventually I’m allowed to get involved in going out for a walk around the local neighborhood and we find a pretty great hill to practice the art of the roly-poly! No matter what a Tuesday brings I’m always reminded by my daughter that life does and will exist outside of this crisis and I’m one of the lucky ones who doesn’t have to contend with home schooling!


Wednesday 22nd April

My diary pings up this morning that I should be welcoming corporate volunteers to the Home today, a sudden ping from the past of what was meant to come-like a very strange alternate Dicken’s novel without the happier ending we all like to see. I’ll let you decide if you prefer the original or the Muppets version the best! So, the little ghosts of diary past keep cropping up and reminding me how much things have changed. Sitting on the team meeting this morning it suddenly strikes me how much despite the challenges we face everyone is still managing to find so much joy in what they do! It shone through in all the updates and left me feeling buzzing from the update knowing how well everyone is rising to the challenge! Such a proud CEO.


Thursday 23rd April

So today was the day that I formalised my second week (where did week 1 go I ask myself?) as CEO of the Home by joining twitter! I will admit social media doesn’t exist a huge amount in my personal life but I love seeing how it brings our team, supporters and wider community together and I want a slice of that to talk about the Home and support all the amazing things happening! However, I’m embarking on a twitter education over the coming days and weeks which I’m sure my team will find highly entertaining. I certainly know my family will.


Friday 24th April

The end to another sprint speed week and I wonder how many hours I spent on my phone talking to it and at it as opposed to talking to a real human face. I don’t want to spend too much time thinking about it as it’s likely to shock me! Another day of sunshine sooths my soul and makes me feel human for the brief respite of a cuppa and snack on my back patio. My usual day spent talking on the phone, developing reports and planning documents and then balancing my time drawing ice cream cones and trees with my daughter. I’m grateful for more of the government guidelines coming through helping us work out what we can expect the rest of this year-difficult to wrap our heads around it but it does provide clarity. The question in my head remains however what that means for us in the long term. A question for that elusive glass ball I suppose but I’ll do my best to plan for whatever comes. Tune in next week for an inside look at what we’re doing to see the organisation, team and animals through this crisis.

Lindsay Fyffe-Jardine


Lindsay is CEO at Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home, having previously held the role of Director of Operations and Deputy to the CEO. She has extensive past experience in the humanitarian and animal welfare sectors, working across security, international disaster management and operations.

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