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CEO Roundup: First 100 Days and Rehoming Celebrations

Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home CEO, Lindsay Fyffe-Jardine, updates us on another week and reflects on 100 days as CEO of the Home. 

Week 1st June Roundup

This week’s blog marks three months since I started documenting my time leading the Home through this crisis and while it feels like an age that we’ve been living in this strange and stressful time so much progress has been made by the Home and its team in pursuit of our animal welfare cause. During this time so many dogs and cats have come to our doors and received our help and I’m pleased to say many of them are ready to find forever homes when we open back up for rehoming soon. There has of course been heartbreak along the way with some of those who have come to us and the medical issues that they fight but we’ve been so grateful our wonderful vet partners have continued to support us and provide a quick turn around on the procedures that they need. Seeing the love, care and compassion that the team put into the dogs and cats combined with the tenacity and perseverance of those working to help raise funds and keep the organisation running has been awe inspiring. The sad realization that this won’t be my last blog and there will continue to need to be a reflection on our struggles and actions at times bears heavily on me.

This week from a personal perspective has been a little tough as I should have been celebrating my wedding anniversary by getting on a plane to Portugal with my husband and daughter for a lovely sunshine break. We’ve both worked this week and will take next week so that we can step back from the relentless schedule of working and looking after her, with what feels sometimes like not much success in either area. I hadn’t thought too much about the loss of the holiday and felt that in the grand scheme of things it wasn’t a priority when so much of a fight was on our hands here at home. However, it took me by surprise how much my weary brain had really needed an escape. So next week will be the next best thing and we’ll enjoy our time together as a family.

This week has been dominated by our plans to get ourselves back open again, which is very exciting. It feels like the Home is galvanizing energy amongst the team to hit this important milestone of progress. The idea of seeing the dogs and cats who have waited so patiently for home trotting out the front door fills my heart with butterfly’s. It’s what we live and breath at the Home. We mourn the losses, share the heartbreak of those who needed our help a long time ago, we bask in the triumph together of a breakthrough and we all fuss over our favorites’, even though you’re not meant to have them!

On a final note I’m ending this week about to celebrate the end of my first 100 day as CEO for the Home. I feel proud of where we have got to and the challenges we have already overcome. I’m motivated and excited to tackle the very big and real ones that are to come now and into the future as we recover. It’s been a usual start to my leadership, and there are times I mourn the lack of flexibility to get out there and meet with other leaders, our community and partners. However, the crisis has crystalized the creative ability and team passion to push the limits on what we can do. I couldn’t be prouder. I’m excited to get back to the Home after my holiday next week to help get our doors open to rehoming. Look out for me on social media and on my blog to find out about what that week holds in store for us!

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