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Boo’s Success Story

I’m Rhian and my partner’s name is Stuart and we live just outside Edinburgh. I am originally from Wales and have owned Staffies all my adult life. I brought my dog to live in Scotland with me when I moved in with Stuart, but unfortunately he passed away after a year battling with cancer in February 2015. Our lives became instantly empty, and despite not thinking that we could ever love another dog how much we had loved our old boy, I am happy to say, we could!

We got a Staffie pup, Freddie, as Stuart had never had a pup previously, however with us both working at the time, and holidays running out with looking after him (I have now changed jobs and stay with them both all day) we decided to get Freddie a friend, and there was no way we were not going to adopt this time, especially after seeing how many dogs are in need of a loving new home!

We immediately decided that we would find it very very difficult to choose a dog with all the beautiful and handsome dogs needing a new home, so went a little unconventional. As we did not mind what dog we brought home from the rehoming centre, big, small, male or female, we went with the plan that the dog we brought home would choose us by getting along with Freddie. We just wanted our dogs to choose each other, and by them being happy, that would make us happy, and it really really has!!!


We decided to visit Edinburgh Dog And Cat Home as it is local to us, and their website showed and explained the rehoming process easily and simply, and were very happy of our thoughts of how we planned to find our new family member, with no laughing or criticism. The staff listened and understood our thoughts, and took time to meet Freddie and learn a bit about him, before introducing him to potential new friends.


Boo chose Freddie immediately, after a long day, the staff at EDCH brought out this beautiful little older lady, who walked up to a very bouncy and tired Freddie, looked him up and down, wagged her tail, and in their own language, obviously said something, and they both went trotting off around the field together side by side. It was love at first sight with us all!!! Freddie and Boo were inseparable from that moment on. When they decided to come and see us, we met Boo, a beautiful small black Staffie, with a beautiful slightly frosting face, THE biggest smile, and a wagging tail. From that moment on, we were all her’s!

When we were able to bring Boo home, we had to wait a few weeks as she had had stitches which she had pulled out (thank you staff for putting up with my daily progress telephone calls and every other day visits!) she was slightly greedy with her food.  We had to ensure that we kept an eye at meal times as she would eat her’s very quickly and then try and eat Freddie’s, however very quickly she recognised that she did not have to do this, and after a couple of weeks, they were eating side by side with no problems.

Boo is also as most Staffies, a cuddle monster!!! It became clear that she was also getting anxious when we would leave, however after a couple of months worth of building up time away from her, now, we leave and both Freddie and Boo are in the window, and return to find them cuddled in sleeping on the bed!

Boo is in charge. She is a small little lady with a big personality, and if she could lie on your lap all day cuddling, she would. She is beautiful inside and out. As we live in the country, we have a good dog walking community, and from day one, Boo has been top dog. She has never shown any form of dominance to any of the dogs, but must give off a persons of being the Queen. She is a mucky pup also though, and loves nothing better than rolling in deer poo!

We have kept in touch with EDCH as they were so fantastic with us through the rehoming process, and happy to answer any questions we had, and their genuine wish to know how the animals they rehome are getting on.  Boo won a competition at Christmas on the internet for most happy dog, and won some food for the friends she made in the centre, and we are holding a charity day this year to try and raise funds for this fantastic home. Thank you EDCH, you are stars!

We would definitely recommend rehoming to anyone who is thinking of getting a pet, be it their first or one of many.  I have sadly never done this before we got Boo, and I will vouch that we will never buy another pet from anywhere other than a rehoming centre again. We love Freddie with all our hearts, but equally love Boo the same, but to know that she could have been looking for a forever home in the kennels for any longer than she was breaks my heart.

There are dogs, cats and many other species of animals of all shapes ages and sizes, all looking for someone to love them, some with pasts that may not be suitable for everyone, but if you want a pet to make your family complete, then it is important to do all your research and find the right one for you, and I believe that you will find one within a rehoming centre if you try.

Some animals find themselves needing rehoming for reasons beyond genuine caring people’s control, but others due to irresponsible pet ownership. But one thing that is for sure, it is not the animals fault, and they are the ones who end up suffering. EDCH do a fantastic job as other rehoming centres in caring for all the animals, but as Boo has shown us, all they want is to be part of their own loving caring family, and if this love and affection is shown and given to them, they will return it tenfold.

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