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Ask Your MSP Candidate to do More for Scotland’s Animals

Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home has joined forces with ten other animal welfare organisations, to push our future MSPs to make animal welfare a priority. Alongside UK Centre for Animal Law, Battersea, Blue Cross, Cats Protection, Compassion in World Farming, Dogs Trust, League Against Cruel Sports, OneKind, PDSA and Scottish SPCA we will use our collective voices to campaign for companion, wild and farmed animal welfare in Scotland.

In May, Scotland will have a new Government and 129 new and returning MSPs. We want to send a huge signal to all of them that they must do more for Scotland’s animals in the next Parliament and we need your help.

Our wild, companion and farmed animals all need better laws to enable them to flourish and protect them from harm. Newly elected MSPs will have the power to introduce these laws, but they will only do it if they understand how important animals are to their constituents.

We are calling on everyone who is putting themselves forward to be an MSP to pledge to do more for Scotland’s animals, and you can help. By taking action through our campaign page, you can contact the MSP candidates in your constituency in one easy step and ask them to take the pledge to do ‘More for Scotland’s Animals’.

Animals don’t have a voice of their own, so we need you to speak up on their behalf and help secure a better future for Scotland’s companion, wild and farmed animals.

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