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Education Outreach Programme

Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home has worked closely with our local community since 1883 to deliver expert advice on dog and cat welfare. In 2018, we launched our first Education Outreach Programme, which aims to promote responsible pet ownership and offer advice on caring for dogs and cats. We work closely with schools, businesses, clubs and local groups across Edinburgh and the Lothians to deliver our education programme and share our knowledge with the community. See below for more information or to make a free booking.

Schools and Youth Groups

We believe that education is vital in ensuring that young people in our community become the responsible pet owners of tomorrow. Many studies have shown that children who receive education in animal welfare are less likely to tolerate animal cruelty and more likely to show compassion and empathy towards animals when they are older.

Our Education team can provide interactive workshops for all ages, abilities, and group sizes. While the content of each workshop can be tailored to your group, a typical workshop may include:

  • an interactive presentation from the Home’s Education Officer
  • engaging group-based activities and games
  • practical advice for young pet owners
  • an opportunity to ask pet-related questions

Community Groups and Workplaces

Our education programme is not just for kids. We can also cater for adult groups and clubs, and workplaces. We will come to a location of your choice and speak on a range of topics covering dog and cat welfare and responsible pet ownership. A typical workshop includes:

  • an interactive presentation from the Home’s Education Officer
  • an in-depth look at the history and operations of Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home
  • practical advice on seasonal pet issues, or a topic tailored to your group
  • a Q&A session

Virtual Workshops

As well as in-person workshops, our education team have built an entire suite of workshops that you can take part in virtually.

Whether it’s learning about food safety for pets, getting involved in our Tell Your Tail storytelling competition, or contemplating animal thoughts and feelings, these workshops are a great way for young minds to get involved from the classroom or even the comfort of their own home.

Our virtual workshops are free of charge, optimised for any smartphone, tablet or desktop, and available anytime.

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Interested in having our education outreach programme delivered at your school, group or workplace? For more information or to book a free workshop, email

Responsible Pet Ownership

Dogs and cats can add so much love and joy to our lives, but ensuring their wellbeing requires responsible pet ownership. In this section you’ll find a range of information on topics from neutering to the legal requirements of pet ownership.

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