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Does My Cat Need A Collar?

The short answer is no, a cat does not require a collar, but there are many reasons why you may wish you consider it for your pet.

Collars can offer many benefits, particularly for an outdoor cat. The collar will help indicate to others that the cat has a home, and an identification tag may help a concerned member of the public reunite you with your pet should it go wandering. Some collars are reflective, and help keep a cat safe in areas where traffic is a concern. Some may choose to give their cat a collar with a bell, to minimise the cat’s ability to hunt birds or other wildlife.

Other Considerations

Some collars can carry risks too. Cats love to climb, jump, and squeeze through tight spaces and collars (especially ill-fitting ones) can easily be caught or tangled, so if you do opt for a collar, ensure it has a quick release mechanism.

At Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home, we strongly recommend having your cat microchipped, as an alternative (or in addition) to a collar. While microchipping is not mandatory for a cat as it is for a dog, having a microchip with up-to-date ownership information dramatically increases the likelihood of being reunited with your cat, should it go missing.

We will microchip all animals that are rehomed from Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home, and offer free microchipping (optional donation) to any other dog or cat in the region.

To learn more about this, or to arrange this for your cat, please contact us by calling 0131 669 5331 or by visiting us at 26 Seafield Road East, Edinburgh

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