Ref: DO6740-Dog Age: 1 years
Breed: X Alsatian/Rottweiller Size: Medium
Sex: Female    

Coco is an enthusiastic girl who is very playful and fun loving. She is bouncy and energetic and enjoys anything that keeps her physically active. She loves running around on our paddock and likes chasing after a squeaky toy. She is very intelligent, and she loves playing games which keep her mind active. She will need to continue her training with her new owner as she can be mouthy when she gets over excited, and she can be reactive around other dogs, but she is working hard during her training sessions here and is very enthusiastic and eager to please. She will need a committed owner who has the time to dedicate to her training, but she is a lovely girl who will make a very rewarding pet. Coco would like an adult only home where she will be the only pet.

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