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Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission: To rescue, reunite and rehome dogs and cats across Edinburgh and the Lothians.

Our Vision: To create a community where unwanted and mistreated animals are given a voice and a second chance for a happy and forever home; and where anybody who can, will act to advocate for animals still suffering.

A Safe Place for Dogs and Cats

Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home is part of the fabric of our city, working in partnership with the Council and Police services, members of the public and wider community by welcoming lost, stray and abandoned pets from all corners of Edinburgh and the Lothians.

Our organisation benefits from the skills and experience of our staff, comprised of long-serving kennel veterans and enthusiastic new talent. Our small team is united by the love and dedication towards the animals in our care, and the belief that any dog or cat that comes to our door, whatever the reason, should be safe, warm and well-fed.

Our success rate in reuniting lost dogs and cats with their owners is around 70%, meaning that happy endings are common at Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home. When an owner cannot be found after seven days, our rehoming process kicks in. This is a structured programme that aims to make the best possible match between pet and human.

Open Intake Policy

At Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home, we believe that every animal deserves to live in comfort and safety. We have an open-intake policy, accepting any dog or cat that reaches our door in need, whatever shape, breed or size they may be. Due to this policy, we sadly sometimes take in animals who have severe health conditions. These can come in many forms, including physical conditions, diseases and mental health or behavioural problems. Our team, alongside our veterinary partners, will work for as long as it takes to rehabilitate an animal and find it the perfect loving home. Occasionally there are times when a condition is so severe that we have to make the difficult decision to put an animal to sleep. This is a decision we will never take lightly and is normally made after months, sometimes years, of dedicated treatment and training from our team, where all other options have been exhausted. Where there is hope for a home, we will never give up.

To read more about our euthanasia policy, please read our Euthanasia Position Statement.

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