Winter Tips for Dogs


As the Beast from the East rolls into Scotland, we've put together a few top tips to help you keep your dog content in the cold. 

  • Keep walks and play sessions short and frequent, especially as it dips below freezing.
  • Check for ice or grit stuck between your pets toes - give them a quick clean after a walk.
  • Dogs can dehydrate just as easily when it's cold out - check their water bowl isn't frozen over!
  • Consider boots for extra paw protection, and a sweater for those with short coats.
  • Keep an eye on your furry friend and make sure they're happy - if they're cold, come back inside.

Alfie Snow Fun

The Home Calls for Ban on Shock Collars at Westminster

Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home joined forces with the Kennel Club, Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, the British Veterinary Association, Dogs Trust, and the Scottish Kennel Club in Parliament yesterday a


Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home Backs Lucy's Law

Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home is supporting the Lucy's Law campaign which calls to see an immediate ban on the sale of puppies by pet shops and other third party commercial dealers.

Zander staring out into the distance

Zander's Story

Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home takes in any dog or cat that reaches its door and works tirelessly to prepare animals for their forever homes, by providing necessary training. Gary, who rehomed our loveable Lurcher Zander in 2013, shares his story of the special bond with a rescue pet, and how a dog that may need help with training can end up making a huge impact in their owner’s life.