Stan's Kiltwalk Adventure


Hi pals it’s me, Stan. I’m just writing to tell you about the Kiltwalking I did on Sunday. IT. WAS. AWESOME.

Stan at the beginning of the Kiltwalk

So we got up early and I wasn’t expecting it, but I went with it. My Mum put on a tartan skirt thing, and I wore a tartan bandana – she told me I looked handsome and pals, she was right! Mum said we were going on a big walk to raise money for dogs and cats who don’t have homes. I wondered why they didn’t all come to live in my house? We got in the car and we drove to a really big park, which had walls around it and seats in it. Mum said it’s where Scotland plays “Rug Bee”. It’s a funny shaped ball and you can’t tell where it’s going to bounce. Not as good as a tennis ball, but still fun.

Start of Edinburgh Kiltwalk, Murrayfield


When we got there, there were LOTS of people and my favourite were the volunteers who gave me cuddles and ear scratches! They were really happy to see me. Then lots more people came in the big park, and there was music and everyone was smiling. There was a big dinosaur that was moving and walking and I barked at him! He ran away and everyone could see I am way scarier than a dinosaur. There was a man who had on metal armour, and another man who had feathers on his head. Everyone looked funny and my Mum was smiling and it made me happy.

Kiltwalk Volunteers

Then we went to the front of the crowds and a man said “GO!” and we all walked out of the park and into Edinburgh. We walked for a long time and I got to sniff so many new things and see places I’d never seen before. People came and said hello to me and I got more ear scratches! Around the walk there were these things called “pit stops” and they gave me fresh water to drink as I was getting thirsty, and me and Mum shared a shortbread biscuit – YUM! In the middle of the walk we got soup and I got to lick the cup afterwards. The soup stop was on the beach and I got to go off my lead and jump in the sea and I rolled in the sand and got mucky! People laughed at me and everyone smiled again. I got my tartan all dirty but Mum said it’s OK as it can be washed.

We carried on walking for a long time, me and Mum on an adventure. Then when it all ended, Mum got a collar with a shiny tag on it that said she had done a big walk. I got a sausage! Then we went home and we both slept on the sofa for a long time. I had such a good day out and the next day I wanted to do it all again! But Mum said no, not until next year. I can’t wait until next year!

Ellie Crossing the Finish Line

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