A Second Chance at Happiness


Remus was handed in to Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home over 15 years ago by his previous owners. Little did he know, his life would be turned around when Scott and Sharon walked through the door.  We had a surprise in the post recently... a letter from Remus telling us all about his adventures with his forever family!

Hi, just a quick note to say thank you.

Approx 15 years ago my then owners couldn’t cope with me, I was a little boisterous to say the least. This resulted in me spending some time at your house, along with a few other dogs. One day this nice couple (Scott and Sharon) came for a look around so I made sure I stood out and looked all cute and friendly. Luckily it worked and they decided they wanted to take me home to live with them.

At first, I was a little nervous and while I tried to stay calm whenever they left the house I kept chewing things, carpets and plasterboard mainly. As you can imagine my new mum and dad weren’t very happy and for a while I thought they were going to bring me back to your house. Fortunately, they got advice from ‘the VET… (I didn’t really like him!)’ and they decided to put me in a cage whenever they left. I didn’t like this to begin with but it soon became my bed and as you humans say, I was as snug as a bug in a rug.

Going on adventures with my new family!

Remus reading a map with his dad

Me and my dad up a mountain (I 'm helping him read the map)

Over time we became a proper family and mum and dad took me on regular holidays. The furthest north I went was Inverness and south was Newquay but to be honest I didn’t care where I was, if I was with my mum and dad I was happy and content.

I was really friendly and everyone I met loved to pet me which I really enjoyed, it brought a strange sense of belonging to me, the more I could get the more I liked it. People were always commenting on how handsome I was. My mum and dad used to play games with people and tell them I was an Icelandic Frugal dog and that there were only a few left in the world, this was even mentioned on BBC Radio 1 once…  I was very proud!

Remus out for walkies with his mum

Me and my mum

No regrets...

Recently I haven’t been feeling too good, after all I am about 15.5 (that’s about 90 years old in your terms).I am starting to get really tired and fall over quite a lot, a few times I have fallen down the stairs and I know this is upsetting my mum and dad. I think the VET (grrrr) said it was probably down to muscle wastage and arthritis.

My mum and dad came and sat beside me on my bed recently and I noticed they were very upset. I knew what they were thinking so I looked them in the eye and said, it’s OK, you can let me go now. I have had a great life with no regrets and it was all down to you (my mum and dad). I think they understood this as the day has now come to say goodbye. The VET (grrr) is coming to my house so I wanted to let you know how thankful I am that you let Scott and Sharon (my mum and dad) take me home that day. They stuck by me and I turned out to be a lovely, obedient dog (their words not mine… hehe).

Woof woof (that’s goodbye in doggy speak)

Remus Gaskell

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