Pearl's Success Story


As Pearl’s owner, tell us a little about yourself

We are the McIntosh family – Suzanne, Callum and Marvin and we live in Portobello. We adopted Pearl – our gorgeous staffie x from EDCH on Thur June 6th 2013.

What made you decide to rehome a dog?

We’ve always had rescue dogs over the years. There are so many brilliant, loving dogs in rescue centres all over the country just waiting for the right family to adopt them.  We feel very strongly that people should rehome as opposed to buying a dog from a breeder.

Why did you choose Pearl?

We chose Pearl because we made an instant connection with her. We were looking for a female dog of a suitable size for us – not too big and not too small. We looked at all the dogs and really felt like Pearl would be an ideal family pet, she had a gorgeous staffie smile.

Our son was 7 at the time so it was important that Pearl and him got along well together. We visited her every day to start to build up a relationship with her and played with her in the field at EDCH. When it came to a Sunday and the home was closed, we were sad we couldn’t see her. We longed to get her home. It took a wee while to get her home as she had just been spayed and we were waiting on the all clear from the vet.

How has Pearl changed since the day you brought her home?

Pearl was timid when she first came home, she was quite shy at first and didn’t bark for a few weeks and since that point she hasn’t looked back. She wasn’t timid for long though. It was clear she hadn’t been on a beach before and the feeling of the sand moving under her paws was strange to her. She was scared of the sea initially – but is quite different now.

She swims with us in the sea and even has her own body board that she likes to stand on in the water while we push her around. She is the best dog anyone could wish for. She loves fun – and playing with her ball.

What is a typical day like with Pearl?

Pearl – is a dog that likes to try and sneak in your bed, she’ll start the night in her bed and often we’ll wake up in the morning and she has snuck into someone’s bed. She absolutely loves a cuddle – and we call her the cuddliest dog in Scotland. She likes a good walk on the beach or the Figgate Park in the mornings then home for breakfast. She likes to come to work with us and knows all the customers in our shop – people come to visit Pearl at the shop and some have turned up at EDCH asking for ‘one like Pearl’. The Meadows is her lunch/ afternoon walk and the beach again at night. She has lots of dog friends but her two absolute favourites are her pals Scrappy and Ruby – two chihuahuas whom she has adopted as her ‘puppies’. Nothing Pearl likes more than a long walk in the country at the weekend with her pals.


Does she have any funny characteristics/quirks?

Lots of v funny characteristics – she likes to surf, swim and ‘chat’. Her vocabulary is huge and she eavesdrops on conversations and gets all excited when she hears words she knows – it's very funny

Would you recommend rehoming to other people? If so, why?

Absolutely – there are so many dogs in EDCH who all deserve a second chance – they have so much to offer a family and the bond with your dog is like nothing else. We get great exercise outdoors with her and she’s great company.

Overall, how has your experience with the EDCH during the rehoming process?

It was good – the staff were great although it took a while for Pearl to get the all clear from the vets.

Have you kept in touch with EDCH since rehoming Pearl?

Yes - we’ve maintained contact and love helping out at fundraising etc. We’ve also last year sponsored a kennel.

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