Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home Backs Lucy's Law


Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home is supporting the Lucy's Law campaign which calls to see an immediate ban on the sale of puppies by pet shops and other third party commercial dealers.

Although very few high street pet shops sell puppies these days, the third party trade remains significant with dealers operating from a diverse array of premises including private homes and puppy superstores. Some commercial dog breeders are also selling bought in puppies alongside those they have bred on site. As many as 80,000 puppies may be sold by licensed third party sellers each year.

The activity of third party selling can seriously harm animal welfare, from the trauma of transportation, the increased risk of exposure to disease, behavioural problems resulting from premature separation from the mother and lack of appropriate socialisation.

Puppies may be born with debilitating inherited diseases and are at a high risk of catching life threatening canine diseases, such as parvo virus. These are problems that can last for a dog’s lifetime, or can bring its life to an early end. Poor hygiene standards throughout the chain frequently mean that puppies may also carry infections, which can be transmissible to humans.

If you would like to support Lucy's Law and see the ban of third party sales, you can click here to sign the petition.

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