Lost pet

What to do if your dog or cat goes missing

Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home works with Police Scotland and a number of local councils including City of Edinburgh, East Lothian and West Lothian, taking in stray dogs and cats that have been found in these areas. 

While we work in partnership with Police Scotland and councils, we are not funded by these bodies. This means that if your dog or cat is brought in to us, mandatory charges apply on collection. These charges are not to fund the work that we do, they are required by the council. 

The service provided by Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home is to care for the dog or cat who has been lost until their owners are contacted or locate them.

If your dog or cat has gone missing in Edinburgh or the Lothians, follow the advice here:

Contact Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home 9am-4:30pm

Call us on 0131 669 5331 with a description of your pet, location last seen, and your contact details.

If your dog or cat is brought to us, please be aware that you will be liable for a nightly boarding fee, in addition to any fees imposed by the dog wardens or police.

Contact Your Local Dog Warden

If you have lost a dog, contact your local dog warden service (Penalties will apply if your pet is picked up by the local authority):

  • Edinburgh Dog Warden on 0131 608 1100
  • East Lothian Dog Warden on 01620 827 310
  • West Lothian Dog Warden on 01506 775 400

Contact Your Local Cat Rescues

If you have lost a cat, check with us and the following organisations:

  • Cat Protection League on 0131 554 5521
  • Lothian Cat Rescue on 01875 821025

Further Steps to Find Your Lost Dog or Cat 

  • Contact the Scottish SPCA on 03000 999 999

  • Contact your local police station

  • Let all the local vets know

  • Tell your neighbours to look out for your pet

  • Print flyers or posters with your pet’s photograph and your contact details and put these through letterboxes, in local shop windows, libraries and noticeboards.

  • Use social media and local ‘Lost Pets’ websites to post details and spread the word.


Microchipping your pet means it is more likely to be returned to you if lost or stolen. Compulsory microchipping for dogs was introduced in the UK in April 2016. Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home offers to microchip any dog or cat free of charge.