Ref: DO5746-Dog Age: 1 years
Breed: X Alsatian/Dorset Size: Large
Sex: Male    

Teddy is a playful and energetic young boy who loves having fun. He likes playing with his toys, and loves chasing around after a squeaky tennis ball. He is always happy to go for a walk and enjoys running around, but he needs his new owner to gradually increase the amount of exercise he gets and not let him do too much too soon. When meeting new people he is rather wary and starts off quite shy, but when he gets to know you he is absolutely fine. He has some basic training and knows lots of commands, but he will need an owner who is willing to carry on with this work. He would benefit by going along to training classes and we can recommend a trainer for you to use. Teddy would suit a home with teenaged children and may like to live with another dog.

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Breed: X Beagle
Sex: Male
Age: 0 years
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