Ref: DO5783-Dog Age: 2 years
Breed: X Whippet/Saluki Size: Medium
Sex: Male    

Stanley is a very sweet natured boy who can be rather shy and nervous around new people and in new places. He is looking for an understanding owner who can help his confidence levels grow. He is a very loving boy who is always very affectionate with people that he knows, and would be great company for his new owner. He loves being cosy and can often be found snuggled up in his warm comfy bed. He gets on well with most other dogs but can be nervous and defensive around some, which his new owner could help him work on. Stanley would not suit being around small furry animals. He likes playing with his toys, and loves having a good run around in our paddock, although he does need to work on recall so walking on a long line would be advisable. He does love getting a tasty treat, which will help motivate him for any training he gets. He may suit living with teenaged children, and would need a home with a garden.

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