Ref: DO4101-Dog Age: 7 years
Breed: X Dutch Shepherd Size: Large
Sex: Female    

Sasha is a very friendly girl who loves everyone that she meets, but her favourite people are definitely those who are willing to throw her ball for her. She can get a little too excited around new doggy friends, which is something she needs to continue to work on, but normally she is very good with other dogs and usually prefers to just chase after her ball. Her new owner will need to be prepared to do work with her, but with her sweet and affectionate nature she is sure to make all the work worth the effort. When Sasha isn''t busy chasing after her ball or having a cuddle, she can usually be found snuggled up in her bed soothing herself to sleep by sucking her blanket.

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Breed: X Olde Time Bulldog
Sex: Male
Age: 3 years
Size: Unknown


Breed: X Alsatian/Collie
Sex: Male
Age: 7 years
Size: Small


Breed: West Highland Terrier
Sex: Female
Age: 8 years
Size: Small