Ref: DO7149-Dog Age: 4 years
Breed: West Highland Terrier Size: Small
Sex: Male    

Hamish and Angus are a lovely pair who are looking for a home together. Unfortunately Hamish is blind but he copes remarkably well with the support and guidance of his brother. Although he is blind, Hamish is the more confident of the pair, and lends Angus a little confidence when he is feeling unsure. They are both very loving little dogs who enjoy being made a fuss of and having some cuddle time, but both dogs also love their bed and are happy to spend time cuddled up in a comfy spot. They both enjoy playing with toys, going for walks, and running around together. They would suit living with children who are high school age or older. Ideally they would require a ground level home with an enclosed garden and be the only pets in the home. Any potential owners should be aware of the ongoing treatment and care of Hamish’s eyes.

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Breed: West Highland Terrier
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