Ref: DO5193-Dog Age: 3 years
Breed: X Boxer Size: Large
Sex: Male    

Baxter is a big friendly boy, he is always happy, and loves being made a fuss of. He is very playful and has lots of energy, but he does enjoy burning lots of energy off while he runs around playing with his doggy friends. He is quite a strong boy and will need an owner who is prepared to carry on with his training, as he does need to work on his excitable nature. Baxter would be suitable to live with teenaged children.

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Breed: Rottweiler
Sex: Female
Age: 4 years
Size: Large


Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Sex: Male
Age: 0 years
Size: Unknown


Breed: X X Shih Tzu
Sex: Male
Age: 3 years
Size: Unknown