Ref: DO5642-Dog Age: 7 years
Breed: X X Sp Spaniel/ Labrador Size: Medium
Sex: Male    

Alfie is a shy boy who takes a while to feel comfortable around new people, so he will need several visits before he will feel ready to leave with a new owner. He is very affectionate with people that he knows and trusts, loving cuddles and being made a fuss of. He has bags of energy and likes to keep busy, so would suit an active family who would be interested in taking him along to agility or fly ball. He is confident around other dogs and enjoys meeting doggy friends when he''s on a walk, but because he can be possessive with his toys, we would only consider him living with a calm dog who isn''t really interested in toys. Alfie loves sniffing games and would love his new owner to hide his toys and some tasty treats around the house for him to find. He would suit living with teenaged children and would prefer to have company for most of the day.

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Breed: Jack Russell Terrier
Sex: Male
Age: 2 years
Size: Small


Breed: X X Chihuahua
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