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About Us

Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home has been part of the fabric of our city since 1883, working in partnership with the Council and Police services by welcoming lost or abandoned pets from all corners of Edinburgh and the Lothians.

On arrival with us dogs and cats are health checked, bathed if required, vaccinated and fed. They are scanned for a microchip and where present, we attempt to reach their owners. All available information about animal and their ownership is logged on our database, which ultimately helps us in the rehoming process, should an owner not be found.

Our success rate in reuniting lost animals with their owners is 70% meaning that happy endings are common at Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home. When an owner cannot be found after 7 days, our rehoming process kicks in – a structured programme that aims to make the best possible match between pet and human.

Staff and Facilities
Since 1957, Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home's rescue centre has been sitatuated at Seafield on the Forth Estuary,  where we have purpose-built kennels and catteries with under-floor heating throughout.

Our organisation benefits from skills and experience of our 50-strong staff, comprised of long-serving kennel and cattery experts and enthusiastic new talent. Our small team is united by the love and dedication towards the animals in our care, and the belief that any dog or cat that comes to our door, whatever the reason, should be safe, warm and well-fed.

Animal Health
Every single dog and cat in our care is treated with great respect and kindness, and our excellent facilities are matched by the services of Edinburgh University’s Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies which provides on-going treatment and advice. We work tirelessly to bring our animals back to good health so that they may have the best possible chance of finding a new home. 

We believe strongly that an effective neutering programme is one way to try and control the problem of unwanted animals – all animals rehomed by Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home will be spayed or neutered before leaving us. 

Boarding Services
Did you know that we also run a boarding kennel and cattery to subsidise the work of the Home? Book your dog or cat in next time you go on holiday and not only will your pet enjoy a comfortable stay in our heated facilities with our fantastic staff, you’ll also be supporting the vital work of our charity.

Charity Shops
The Home has two charity shops, one in Morningside and one in Stockbridge.  We also receive support from the Friends of Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home, who run a shop in Portobello, Edinburgh. Clothing and bric-a-brac donations are welcome at any of these locations.

Helping our Work
Our policy of never turning a dog or cat away can only continue with your help. We rely on the generosity of the public and our loyal supporters to fund the high quality care we give Edinburgh’s unwanted animals. Visit our Fundraising pages to find out how you can support us.

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